The First Sacrifice (Paperback) Thomas Grifford
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The First Sacrifice (Paperback) Thomas Grifford

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Twenty years have passed since John Cooper triggered a series of events that shattered the underground rise of the Fourth Reich. Unable to make peace with his own history, Cooper has submerged himself in the old films he plays at his Boston movie house—until a message comes from his estranged sister in Germany . . . a plea for help. Her only child is missing.
Cooper finds the Berlin of the nineties disturbingly familiar. The threat that was hidden twenty years ago is now out in the open—neo-Nazi thugs roam the streets, murdering and terrorizing. And a charismatic leader has emerged to point the way to a great new Germany. He is Wolf Koller . . . and he is married to Cooper’s sister.
The search for his niece leads Cooper into a labyrinth of half-truths and veiled warnings—and, ultimately, terrifying violence. For a new conspiracy exists in Germany, and the stakes are higher than ever before.