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The Double Heart Diner (Route 66 Series, Book 1) [Paperback] Annie Jones

The Double Heart Diner (Route 66 Series, Book 1) [Paperback] Annie Jones

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The newest series to join the humor-filled Time for Laughter romance line, the ongoing tale of the Double Heart Diner begins with the story of a very different man and a woman who set out on their own personal quests, only to find that the treasure God plans for them is worth far more than they ever dreamed.

All Jett Murphy wanted to do was purchase a piece of land on the Texas panhandle, clear it of the crummy diner in the middle of it, and make a bundle by selling the property to a land developer. Instead he’s captured–in more ways than one–by a redheaded whirlwind who’s determined to make him see the error of his ways, even if she has to drive him clear from Chicago to Texas to do it!

Georgia Darling’s mission seemed simple: Save the Double Heart Diner. But things have gotten more complicated since sophisticated Jett entered the picture. She likes him, maybe too much, but it’s clear she can’t trust him. Can she save the diner–and her own heart–before it’s too late?


December 2021

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