The Distance (Hardcover) Helen Giltrow
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The Distance (Hardcover) Helen Giltrow

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Pub Date: 2014-09-09 Pages: 368 Language: English Publisher: Doubleday Books A dark. ultra-contemporary. and relentlessly paced debut thriller about a London society woman trying to put her secret criminal past behind her. and the hit man who comes to her with an impossible job she cant refuse. Charlotte Alton is an elegant socialite. But behind the locked doors of her sleek. high-security apartment in Londons Docklands. she becomes Karla. Karlas business is information. Specifically. making it disappear. Shes the unseen figure who. for a commanding price. will cover a criminals tracks A perfectionist. shes only made one slip in her career -. several years ago she revealed her face to a man named Simon Johanssen. an ex-special forces sniper turned killer-for-hire. After a mob hit went horrifically wrong. Johanssen needed to disappear. and Karla helped him. He became a regula...
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