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The Diary in the Attic (hardcover) DeAnna Julie Dodson

The Diary in the Attic (hardcover) DeAnna Julie Dodson

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Annie Dawson's discovery of a diary in the attic of Gray Gables has set her on a mission. The diary reveals a poignant love story from World War II, a story cut short when young Peter Lambert goes off to the European Theater, leaving his young girlfriend, Lilly Pryce, with a promise. He will come back to her. But that promise is shattered when Peter's mother receives notice from the War Department that Peter is missing and presumed dead while on a mission behind enemy lines.

But Annie wants to know more. Did Lilly find love after the loss of Peter? Where is she now? How did her diary, love letters and photographs end up in Annie's grandmother's attic? And, most important of all, can love once lost become love found again?


March 20223

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