The Death of Christ - X4B (Hardcover) Fisher Humphreys

The Death of Christ - X4B (Hardcover) Fisher Humphreys

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"God in CHrist accepted suffering as his way of forgiving he men whose sins caused him to suffer. He went to all that trouble and experienced all that pain in order to call men to himself for forgiveness. The experiences of Christ ar the measure of God's costly forgiveness of sinners. That is the thesis of this book."

In this lucid style, Dr. Humphreys moves from New Testament concepts through subsequent theories of the atonement by various theologians to his own view of cruciform forgiveness in these chapters:

1. Three New Testament Witnesses

2. Components of a Theory of Atonement

3. Theologians at Work

4. Emergence of a New Theory

5. Cruciform Forgiveness

6. Christ and the Consequences of Sin

7. After Forgiveness

8. Conclusion

The book ends with a political parable reflecting present-day tensions to show on the human level what the author sees as the essence of cruciform forgiveness.