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The Covenant (Hardcover) Paige Mitchell

The Covenant (Hardcover) Paige Mitchell

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Reuben Buchman, the Mississippi attorney who dominates Paige Mitchell's spellbinding new novel, The Covenant, belongs to that breed of towering and complex men of action and affairs all too rare in contemporary fiction.

Catapulted to prominence by his volcanic energy and slashing intellect, Reuben-who is a Jew as well as a Southerner-seemingly has reached the apex of his career. But suddenly he finds his world beginning to literally blow up in his face. 

First there is a sequence of Ku Klux Klan bombings that shatters the complacency of the entire Jewish community; it is the firs anti-Semitic violence in seventy-five years. And, in the midst of this chaos, Reuben is wrestling with a controversial case undertaken against his politically minded (and gentile) partner's objections-the defense of an eccentric dentist (eccentric because of his liberal views on race) accused of homosexually molesting a child. Finally, with his wife, Mollie's, revelation of her infidelities, Reuben is confronted by the wreckage of what he had considered a good marriage.

As the turmoil of this multilayered crisis rages on, Reuben is caught up in an ever-intensifying eddy of violence and intrigue. He challenged the FBI, assumes leadership of the local Jews, holds secret meetings with informers and initiates a personal manhunt. All this is climaxed by a sizzling courtroom trial, a heart-stopping ambush and Reuben's discovery of a lacerating truth from the past written in blood and anguish by his grandfather, Joe, who fled the Czar and ultimately became a Mississippi cotton grower and small-town mayor at the end of the carpetbag era. 

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