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The Complete Jesus (hardcover) Ricky Alan Mayotte

The Complete Jesus (hardcover) Ricky Alan Mayotte

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The Complete Jesus is the first compilation of the sayings and teachings attributed to Jesus of Nazareth from all ancient documents through the fifth century, including the New Testament, the Christian Gnostic writings, and the New Testament Apocrypha. The Complete Jesus offers unmediated access - free of all interpretations by writers ancient and modern alike - to everything the earliest Christians believed Jesus to have said. Only the voice of Jesus is heard in these pages, and the reader will be drawn from one quotation to the next, encountering utterances that range from the familiar and comforting to the unexpected and startling. Ricky Alan Mayotte has taken the words of Jesus from the 23 documents in which they originally appeared and organized them into nine chapters by category, among them Parables, Commandments, Hymns and Prayers, and Warnings and Admonitions. His approach allows the reader a unique opportunity to see and compare the wide range of Jesus's sayings and teachings and lends the book a readability that makes it an adventure to explore.


March 2023

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