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Draw the Circle (Paperback) Mark Batterson

Draw the Circle (Paperback) Mark Batterson

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  • Do you pray as often and as bravely as you want to? Are you looking to strengthen your relationship with God and experience a deeper, more intentional prayer life? Mark Batterson, New York Times bestselling author of The Circle Maker, is here to teach you all about a new, life-changing way to pray. 

    After the release of The Circle Maker, thousands of readers quickly became many tens of thousands, and soon enough, true stories of miraculous and inspiring answers to prayer began to pour in. Draw the Circle shares these inspiring testimonies and combines them with timely scriptures and daily prayer prompts designed to stir you to pray like never before. 

    Through these moving stories and encouraging devotionals, you'll learn all about:

    • The life-changing power of intentional prayer
    • Why prayer is such a crucial aspect of your relationship with God
    • How to start applying the principles of The Circle Maker in your everyday life
    • How to stay humble, patient, and focused as you start your 40-day journey
    • Building prayer habits that will support your faith for a lifetime

    There's a way for all of us to experience a deeper, more passionate, persistent, and intimate prayer life. Batterson invites you to begin a lifetime of watching God work, believe in the God who can do all things, and experience the power of bold prayer and even bolder faith. Let Draw the Circle be the first forty days on your way to a lifetime of watching God work and believing in the God who can do all things.


June 2023

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