The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life (paperback) Hannah Whitall Smith

The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life (paperback) Hannah Whitall Smith

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Revered as a devotional text and as an instructional manual for maintaining and nurturing one's own faith, The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life has been a much-admired and favoured text for years. Whether you come to the book doubting your belief in God, or simply want to improve your spiritual inner life, this book is an excellent and time-tested aid for the believer.

The book begins by introducing the relationship between humankind and the heavenly forces, before discussing the relevance of the Biblical scriptures in day-to-day living. Practical methods of engaging with these spiritual aspects are discussed, beginning a trend which is maintained throughout the book.

Each chapter concerns a specific problem which Christians commonly encounter. Every kind of commonplace concern - be it temptation, one's will, doubts over life or choices, or a fear or experience of failure - is addressed by Whitall Smith, whose style rings with clarity, assurance and authenticity.

Additionally, the means through which Christians can draw upon the strength of God and Jesus Christ are explored, whether it be prayer or church attendance, or activities affirming closeness to the divine.

Smith's manual was originally published in 1875, and was a forerunner to modern Christian self-help books. Time-tested, praised and relied upon to this day, The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life remains popular.