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The Carpenter Prince (Paperback) Greg Tackett

The Carpenter Prince (Paperback) Greg Tackett

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Christian songwriter Michael Card, in "Joseph's Song", once asked the question, "How can a man be father to the Son of God?" The Carpenter Prince is a fictional account of the life of Joseph the Carpenter, husband of Mary, foster father of Jesus. The story is consistent with the details of the biblical Christmas story, and to historical references to life and culture during the time of Christ, yet takes these familiar passages and gives them fresh meaning in the context of the thoughts and deeds of a simple, good man given an exceptional role. Joseph asks and learns the same questions and answers every father wrestles, but he does so in the face of angelic dreams, wild prophecies, and miraculous promises. Even so, Joseph stands just on the edges of the miracles, and struggles to understand why Mary and the shepherds speak with angels, and he merely dreams of them. Every father, every son, every husband, and every believer will find themselves in this story, and will discover new mysteries behind the often told tale. Back Cover Quote: He had me with the first line: "My father was made of wood." That line told me that this book was poetry writ long, that symbolism, metaphor, foreshadowings, and reflections would be everywhere. The language is beautiful, the story powerful, the protagonist personal. Joseph, the stepfather of Jesus, gives voice to our own doubts, wonder, and wonderments when he encounters the supernatural. - John Carter

June 2023

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