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The Boy on Cinnamon Street (Paperback) Phoebe Stone

The Boy on Cinnamon Street (Paperback) Phoebe Stone

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Seventh grader Louise Terrace has a secret admirer. He sends her notes when she needs cheering up, and draws chalk hearts on the side walk outside her apartnent. It should be the perfect romance... but somehow they never meet up.

It's the same with gymnastics, Louise is a natural champion. She can do cartwheels al lday long and even backflips on the balance bea,. She should be captain of the school team.. but somehow it doesn't work.

There;s something holding Louise back, a family secret from the past so heartbreaking that it's got her frozen inside. And it's going to take a remarkable boy and a miraculous spring to thaw her out again.

December 2022

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