The Ballroom on Magnolia Street (Paperback) Sharon Owens
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The Ballroom on Magnolia Street (Paperback) Sharon Owens

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Johnny Hogan was born and bred on Hollywood movies. He loved the ice-cool matinee idols, the swooning dames, and the possibility that it could all come true. That’s why he opened the ballroom on Magnolia Street. To bring that weekend fantasy to life—for himself, for devoted romantics like his dear grandparents, for the sake of Johnny’s never-forgotten, long-lost lover, and for women like Kate and Shirley Winters, two sisters both looking for fulfill their own passionate fantasies. For everyone in town who still believes in impossible dreams.
Come Saturday night, the ballroom on Magnolia Street could be just the place for it all to come true amid the twinkling lights and soft music—a special crossroads for friendships, for family, for people in love.