The Audacity of Prayer: Be Inspired to Pray with Boldness, Confidence and Expectation (paperback) Don Nordin

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God still performs miracles. He wants you to experience them in your life right now!
Audacity is defined as intrepid boldness. The word itself implies that one has stepped from the ranks of convention and normal expectation into daring, uncharted territory.
This is especially so with regard to prayers. The Audacity of Prayer shares the stories of modern-day miracles that have occurred as a result of bold, daring, courageous prayers, including when:
·          God spared a logger crushed by an enormous tree
·          Unborn twins given no chance for life were healed
·          A minister was healed from sudden, massive heart failure
·          A woman conceived after audacious prayers
·          A pastor outlived terminal leukemia by more than fifty years
Let these stories serve as your encouragement and example. Let loose your caution. Throw off your doubts. Look up. Cry out to your loving Father above―and receive.