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The Angels of Lockhart (Hardcover) Thomas L. Wiley

The Angels of Lockhart (Hardcover) Thomas L. Wiley

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Why did these babies die? One hundred years ago almost every family knew the sorrow of loosing a child. Sickness was a constant threat, and Death a frequent visitor. But to bury seven babies? There has got to be more than “They just died.”


Based on a true story, The Angels of Lockhart is gripping tale of family, sorrow, faith, and ultimately suspicion. From 1890 to 1910, Stephen Parker and his second wife, Lizzie, buried all seven of their children. The only reminder of these angels is a row of tiny weathered gravestones in Lockhart Cemetery, ten miles north of Meridian, Mississippi. According to the family these babies died of common childhood illnesses, born in a time when medicine had so little to offer. But on closer inspection of the stones, a fascinating mystery unfolds. No child lived past twenty-two months and each died before the next was born. Each death was unique: a death unto itself. There was no epidemic or sudden tragedy that swept away Stephen’s second family.


What went on in this family a century ago? Has anyone in the past ever questioned these deaths? Can it possibly be that secrets—unimaginable secrets—have been hidden by this family for the past one hundred years? Was Death an unwelcome but innocent visitor, or was he an invited guest?


The story is told by Lizzie’s stepson, Ollie. When Lizzie’s baby dies, Ollie learns first hand that death is a part of life and that family and faith will see him through. But as more babies die, he becomes unwilling to accept that they just died. Who is responsible and why?


Heartwarming and heartbreaking—a fascinating read—a book that you will not be able to put down.
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