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The Anchor Holds: A Book of Devotionals (paperback) Ron Crowe

The Anchor Holds: A Book of Devotionals (paperback) Ron Crowe

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Do you want to enhance your spending time with the Lord? Did you know that you can read and meditate on a devotional while reverently sitting with the very one who selected the devotional topic and the scripture used-God? The Anchor Holds provides a way. God gave the topics and verses to author and deacon Ron Crowe, leading him through the writing of each devotional. The devotionals are meaningful, invigorating, spiritual, and interesting, and each devotional has an "Action" section to guide you in applying God's thoughts, which will glorify Him. Through personal experience and confident study of God's Word Ron shares with us an exceptional path to knowing more about our anchor in Christ. The Action and Scripture Meditation included in each devotional reading continually point the reader's attention back to the certainty of God and His Word. Dr. Kevin L. Cooper, Pastor, Grace Crossing Baptist Church Interesting! Accurate! Meaningful! Ron Crowe has done a magnificent job sharing the Word of God and the hope of the Gospel. He has beautifully shared the Scriptures and even given us an Action Plan to apply biblical truth to our lives. 


December 2022

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