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Texas (Paperback) Debra White Snow

Texas (Paperback) Debra White Snow

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The late 1880s are prosperous times for East Texas ranches and cattle towns. But Dogwood, Texas, seems to be plagued with emotional and physical dangers, especially for four women thrown into the arms of high adventure and unexpected love. Texas Honor - Rachel Isaacs, hoping to keep her family ranch going, encounters a man who says he is Travis Campbell, a family friend. The man's stated goal of helping Rachel in time of need is thrown into question by his suspicious actions. Soon, another man is identified as Travis Campbell. Who can she trust when one ends up dead? Texas Rose - When Kate Lowell's fiance dies, she vows never to love again. But then she meets handsome widower McCall Adams, who still clings to his wedding vows. When Kate agrees to tutor McCalls Indian-born son, she steps into a web of mysterious secrets. Texas Lady - Magnolia Alexander comes face-to-face with her tragic past and heart-to-heart with the man of her dreams. Will she have to forgo a chance at love in the view of the mounting danger confronting her search for truth? Texas Angel - Angela Isaacs is faced with risking her job and reputation by hiding a convicted felon from a posse of lawmen. Can she trust Reverend Noah Thorndyke when he says his conviction was a case of mistaken identity? As tension mounts, Angela must decide if she will believe in Noah enough to lay her own life on the line. When the going gets rough, these resilient women struggle with turning their backs on love or trusting God to see them through. Discover the intrigue, the adventure, the romance of the South, and the charm of the past in four complete novels from acclaimed author Debra White Smith.


December 2021

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