Teaching in Nursing - Third Edition (Paperback)  Diane M. Billings, Judith A. Halstead, Diane Billings, Judith Halstead

Teaching in Nursing - Third Edition (Paperback) Diane M. Billings, Judith A. Halstead, Diane Billings, Judith Halstead

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Winner of the prestigious AJN Book of the Year award, Teaching in Nursing is a key resource in the dynamic structure and function of preparing the nurses of the future for teaching careers. Faculty must be conditioned to look forward and teach in new ways; diversity of students, curriculum development, redesigning of health care systems, and information and technology advances are just a few of the growing challenges that facing those who choose to instruct. This result is largely due to the editors' standing in the nursing community and their ability to secure only the very best contributors.

This is only 3-in-1 nursing education resource available! While most other texts address only one component of teaching, Teaching in Nursing covers three-teaching, curriculum, and evaluation. It provides comprehensive, contemporary guidelines to help instructors meet the day-to-day challenges of teaching. Instructors will also find the guidance they need to ensure that their teaching practices reflect the evolving health care environment. The authors reference current literature in nursing education, as well as the classics in nursing, education, and other fields.

Judy Halstead chairs the task force on "Development of Nurse Educator Competencies" for the National League for Nursing, and is on the front line of influencing the trends in teaching education. Dr. Halstead is also the program evaluator for the CCNE. Both Drs. Halstead and Billings serve on the NLN Think Tank for Nursing Education and are frequently sought as educational consultants.
  • First resource to cover teaching, curriculum, and evaluation of students; the three essential components of teaching within the clinical setting.
  • Includes contributing authors that are nationally recognized scholars in their field.
  • Presents models of clinical teaching, teaching in interdisciplinary setting, how to evaluate students in the clinical setting, and how to adapt teaching for community-based practice
  • Provides strategies to promote critical thinking and active learning, including evaluation techniques, lesson planning, and constructing examinations.
  • Provides online teaching resources and tools for faculty to use for both classroom and clinical settings
  • Utilizes end of chapter summaries to enable students to draw conclusions based on the chapter content.
  • Incorporates up-to-date research and literature that looks ahead to the needs of the future.
  • New chapter written by Diane Billings and Judith Halstead on the utilization of web-based courses and courseware.
  • New online Evolve page with Weblinks.
  • New features (tables, boxes) to further guide readers and provide visual examples and references.
  • Incorporates the most complete content for teaching the 21st century nurse with revised and updated content on international teaching, service-education connections, and generational teaching and learning.