Tales of Famous Animals (paperback) Peter & Connie Roop
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Tales of Famous Animals (paperback) Peter & Connie Roop

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All throughout history. there have been remarkable stories of bravery and heroics- and some of these tales aren't just about humans. Come meet the animals who made their mark on the past.

In each tale, readers will learn about the incredible accomplishments of famous animals who helped shape the world's history. Who helkped Alexander the Great conquer the Persain Empire? What four-legged friends have wondered the White House halls? Who was the first feline to touch the freezing Antarctiuc ground? WHo delivered patients lifesaving medicine through a treacherous wilderness ride? These featured animals are extra special, and this book tells their tales. 

With photos, beautiful artwiork, wuotes, and lots of facts, these animal's stories are sure to impress readers everywhere! 


March 2022