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Taken to the Grave: Detective Jo Fournier Series, Book 2 (Paperback) M.M. Chouinard

Taken to the Grave: Detective Jo Fournier Series, Book 2 (Paperback) M.M. Chouinard

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In a town full of secrets, the truth won’t stay buried…

It’s a sleepy morning in suburbia when Britney Ratliffe’s body is discovered by a running trail in the town of Oakhurst. Local detective Jo is shocked to the core. Because Britney is the second innocent victim to turn up dead in three days. And just like the first, a tarot card has been left by the body. The meaning of the card: betrayal.

Jo soon discovers that the girl was a student at the local college, the same college where the first victim, Professor Michael Whorton, taught. When Jo uncovers a secret affair between Britney and Michael, her suspicions immediately fall upon Michael’s wife, Camilla. Camilla’s suffered the ultimate betrayal, and her motive for killing the couple is strong.

But then a third body is found and Jo’s theory unravels. The victim is a sweet and vulnerable woman, who Camilla clearly liked. Why would anyone want to kill her? Jo knows she’s running out of time to crack the code and bring the killer to justice, and she knows how it feels to lose someone. Her failure to protect her fiancé on the night he was murdered has always haunted her, and she’ll do whatever it takes to stop more innocent lives being lost. Can Jo find the twisted murderer sending the town into a panic before another life is lost? Or this time, will the dangerous killer find her first?



November 2022

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