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Tai Chi for Health and Happiness (DVD)

Tai Chi for Health and Happiness (DVD)

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This DVD is a 40-minute PBS pledge show, introducing the benefits of T'ai Chi, with acclaimed master instructor and host, David-Dorian Ross. The objective of the show is to teach the viewers how easy it can be to learn and practice T'ai Chi for lifelong benefits.

Balance(40 minutes)
In the first half of the PBS show, he will teach the audience balance as a key concept of Tai Chi flow and synergy, through learning the moves of a simple T'ai Chi routine.
Power and Integrity (20 minutes)
In the second half of the show, Ross teaches the principles of power and integrity through standing Qigong meditations. David-Dorian will also teach the audience the concept of Qi or life force.
Throughout, David-Dorian will also teach viewers how Tai Chi can slow, stop or even reverse both medical and aging concerns.




July 2022

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