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Sweet Tea at Sunrise : The Sweet Magnolias Book 6 of 11 (paperback) Sherryl Woods

Sweet Tea at Sunrise : The Sweet Magnolias Book 6 of 11 (paperback) Sherryl Woods

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Any problem can be solved with sweet tea, sunshine and good friends.

After her disastrous marriage ended in divorce, Sarah Price has come home to Serenity, South Carolina, for a fresh start. With support from her two best friends—the newest generation of the Sweet Magnolias—the emotionally wounded single mom knows she can face any crisis.

When Sarah meets handsome stranger Travis McDonald on one of her shifts at Wharton’s Diner, she’s intrigued by his flattering words. But her battered self-confidence makes it hard for her to take him at face value, and she isn’t certain if she’s ready to trust again. Travis is intent on getting Sarah to work at his fledgling radio station…and on giving their relationship a chance.

Sarah has learned she can’t trust sweet words alone. Starting a new relationship may be just what she needs, but first she must decide if she’s ready to risk her heart again.

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Sweet Tea at Sunrise

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December 2022

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