Summon's Bible Miscellany (hardcover) Parminder Summon
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Summon's Bible Miscellany (hardcover) Parminder Summon

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At more than 60 million copies sold worldwide per year, the Bible is by far the world's bestselling book. A whole encyclopedia of facts, figures and amazing stories has built up around the Bible around the world.

Parminder Summon collects and presents the best of this information in Summon's Bible Miscellany. Collected over many years, this whimsical volume is replete with stories and lists that organize the bible in surprising ways. From the plagues in Egypt to the miracles of Jesus, Summon takes readers on a journey past the familiar, the unfamiliar, and the amazing.

While it may not break the Bible's sales records, Summon's Bible Miscellany will enlighten, amuse and encourage all who treasure this fascinating and ancient book.