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Summer in Sofia: An International Mystery (Paperback) Jane Golden

Summer in Sofia: An International Mystery (Paperback) Jane Golden

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American expat, Jeni, is on another adventure as she crisscrosses Bulgaria from its beautiful Black Sea to the lesser known gems in a topography full of precious jewels. Soon after she and her diplomat husband, Zach, are temporarily assigned to the embassy in Sofia, Jeni receives word that her cousin, Andy, is on his way from the States to visit her. Plagued by dread due to their frosty relationship, she attempts to mentally prepare for his arrival. In the meantime, Jeni, the consummate volunteer, joins an international women's charity where she immediately becomes embroiled in a fascinating mystery when it is discovered the treasurer is missing and she is the only one with access to the organization's funds. As Jeni explores Bulgaria with reckless abandon in search of clues, she must once again navigate the State Department's rules that govern a diplomatic spouse. That fine line becomes even more difficult to tow when Andy lands in Sofia, tumbling from one foreign love to another as Jeni immerses herself in solving another intriguing case. Summer in Sofia is the gripping tale of an American diplomats wife as she relies on her amateur sleuthing skills to dive headfirst into the deep end of an international murder mystery.

February 2023

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