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Strike the Dragon (Paperback) Charles Dyer & Mark Tobey

Strike the Dragon (Paperback) Charles Dyer & Mark Tobey

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International terrorism, the FBI, and a mother in a caught in the middle

A cell phone awakens a young mother in a Palestinian refugee camp. The simple message, "It is time," jolts her awake. Dressing in clothes that once belonged to her dead husband, she asks her mother to watch her young son. Upon arriving at the mosque, she meets the man who had called. He takes her to two other men who will transport her, and the bomb she will wear, to the proper destination—the West Bank, city of Ariel.

A story of international terrorism and intrigue unfolds across the globe. Special agents and covert operatives track clues to pinpoint the probability of an attack that will dwarf previous attempts to strike where it hurts the most.


February 2022

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