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Stink: Hamlet and Cheese (Paperback) Megan McDonald

Stink: Hamlet and Cheese (Paperback) Megan McDonald

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It's spring break! But Stink's friend Webster is spending the week in Mexico, and his friend Sophie is off to a local Shakespeare camp. What's a bored kid to do without his friends, Romans, countrymen?

When Sophie tells Stink there will be swordplay and colorful cursing at Shakespeare camp, he weighs his options. To be or not to be a pumpkin-pants-wearing, pool-noodle-waving, poetry-spouting Sprite, or hang out at home with his sister, Judy Moody?Tempt not a desperate man! Off to acting lessons Stink trots, only to discover that his nemesis, Riley Rottenberger, is a Sprite, took. What's worse- Stink is the only boy at camp! Hanged, be.



November 2022

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