Smart Moves Management (Hardcover) John Thedford

Smart Moves Management (Hardcover) John Thedford

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Everyone knows that employees are at the heart of every successful business. The challenge lies in finding and retaining a hardworking, committed staff. Smart Moves provides the framework for finding--and keeping--the right people for your company. And that leads to better efficiency, greater revenue, and increased profitability.

Engaged employees attract engaged customers and a loyal and active customer base fuels real profit increase, which earns more money for everyone. In Smart Moves, you will learn the key milestones on the path to business success, including how to hire right the first time, how to best train your team members, and how to build performance consistency throughout the company. Each milestone is broken down into a series of SMART Moves offering actionable information and guidelines, such as

  • Pay high wages to decrease costs
  • Calculate your return on hiring
  • Create a development path toward leadership
  • Make profits possible
  • Measure the health of the company

Based on the phenomenal success of his own company and research on giants of industry, John Thedford isolates the key elements of business success and links these to form a prescribed route to profit that any manager or CEO can follow.