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She Walks in Beauty (Paperback) Siri Mitchell

She Walks in Beauty (Paperback) Siri Mitchell

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Tasked with reeling in the city’s most eligible bachelor, Clara Carter must quickly learn to endure a corset, master the latest dances, and perfect her manners before making her social debut. Yet as the spotlight transforms her into a society-page darling, she wonders if this is the life she really wants. When Clara meets a man whose selfless love touches her soul, she’s torn between the marriage her family demands and the one her heart desires.

This 1890s New York City, Gilded Age romance follows the city’s most celebrated social debutante as she struggles to reconcile the conflicting demands of culture, family, and love. Readers won’t soon forget this girl against society story with its vibrant details and timeless truths in this compelling historical fiction portrayal of romance, integrity, and hope.

June 2023

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