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Scruples (Hardback) Judith Krantz

Scruples (Hardback) Judith Krantz

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Book 1 of 3: Scruples

Played out against the opulence of Beverly Hills, the elegance of Paris, the ruthless worlds of high fashion and international movie-making, this is the story of Billy Ikehorn and her metamorphosis into one of the world's most desirable women. Once she had been the desperately unhappy and unattractive daughter of a reclusive doctor, the "poor relation" in an aristocratic Boston family. Now, she was beautiful, glamorous, and sought after...and she gloried in it. Unleashing her long-pent-up passion, Billy moved from one man to the next until she found Ellis Ikehorn, nearly forty years her senior and ruler of a vast industrial empire. At their villa on the French Riviera, their apartment in Paris, or their vineyard estate in California, Billy learned to forget the pain of her past. Their happiness was total but brief. After five ecstatic years, Billy was alone once more. To fill the growing, dreadful void, she created Scruples, a playland specialty shop where the rich could indulge their most lavish desires. For some, Scruples was the beginning of a dream come true-for Billy, it was the first step toward finding her real self and her desires. With penetrating insight and shocking detail, Judith Krantz intimately evokes the public and private worlds of the super wealthy, the ambitious, and the talented. A keen observer and a brilliant storyteller, she vividly portrays the raw sexuality, the needs and the drives of the world's most beautiful people. An important contribution to an immensely popular genre, Scruples will leave millions of readers breathlessly awaiting the next Judith Krantz novel.

March 2023

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