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Scarecrow Returns : Shane Schofield, Book 4 of 4 (Paperback) Matthew Reilly

Scarecrow Returns : Shane Schofield, Book 4 of 4 (Paperback) Matthew Reilly

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Shane Schofield, Book 4 of 4

From the international bestselling author of Seven Deadly Wonders comes the fourth installment in the thrilling Scarecrow series—it’s Reilly’s most action-packed adventure yet.


Marine captain Shane Schofield, call-sign “Scarecrow,” is back, this time thrown into battle against a large and secretive terrorist group known only as the Army of Thieves. The organization has seized control of an island in the Arctic and when the U.S. government finds out about its sinister plans to destroy the planet, the President has no choice but to enlist Scarecrow and his ragtag crew to fight against them.


Told in Reilly’s characteristically gripping prose, Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves features white-knuckle suspense and page-turning adventure, as a likeable hero battles truly evil villains. The action never stops, taking the reader on a journey of discovery, uncovering fantastic secrets about the CIA and other large governmental organizations.

June 2023

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