Saving Sandcastles: Lobster Bay Series, Book 1 (paperback) Meredith Summers
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Saving Sandcastles: Lobster Bay Series, Book 1 (paperback) Meredith Summers

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Claire’s childhood crush is the one person who can ruin everything she’s worked for.

Claire Turner is much too busy running her bakery in the seaside town of Lobster Bay to think about past romances and first kisses, especially after she finds out the empty store across the street is going to be in direct competition with her. She’s worked too hard after her divorce to establish her independence, and she isn’t about to let some newcomer ruin things for her.

Rob Bradford needs a new start after his wife’s lengthy illness and death. But when he goes back to the town that holds his happiest childhood vacation memories, he never dreams that the one girl he could never forget will be the one person who resents his presence. Rob is determined to make a new start in the seaside town and equally determined to win Claire’s trust... and hopefully even something more.

Claire suddenly finds herself taking desperate measures to make sure she doesn’t lose business to the newcomer. Is Claire overreacting? Her friends think it’s possible, but will they be able to talk her off the ledge before she does something drastic?

Her friends are dealing with their own problems. Jane’s beloved mother, Addie, has dementia, and it’s getting worse. Jane has her hands full trying to run the family inn and keep Addie safe. When Addie wanders away from the inn, Jane faces the hardest decision of her life.

And then there’s Maxi. On the surface it appears as if she has an idyllic marriage, but does she really? Now that she and James are empty nesters, things aren’t the same, and Maxi worries that James may not be interested in staying married. But Maxi has dreams of her own, dreams that she had to set aside while she was caring for her husband and children. Now that she has an empty nest, will she be able to find the courage to turn those dreams into reality?



March 2022