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Salvaging My Identity (Paperback) Jennifer Mills and Rachel Lovingood

Salvaging My Identity (Paperback) Jennifer Mills and Rachel Lovingood

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With the opening definition of the word "salvaged" my heart knew Salvaging My Identity is a rescue for this generation of young women. It is biblically rich and culturally astute, while challenging girls to "re-think" critical topics such as image obsession, failure, shame and host of others. This is a bold work and desperately needed. Women of all ages, read this book and engage a younger woman--you may help salvage her identity.
~Kathy Ferguson Litton
National Consultant for Ministry to Pastor's Wives at NAMB
"Excellent.  Engaging. Spoken into the heart of this generation in honest, strong biblical truth. Salvaging My Identity will challenge & encourage young ladies to incorporate God's truth in daily living as they salvage their identity in Christ Jesus. Written for a small group or individually...  A much needed book for young women!"
~Esther Burroughs
Author, Speaker, Bible Teacher
"The need for approval and acceptance began in the garden with Eve and has continued to hunt down the feminine soul ever since.  Rachel and Jennifer's many years of experience with student ministry has given them the insight to put together an interactive work of Scripture discovery that empowers girls to cross the bridge of adolescence with a clear view of success.  Focused on emotional and spiritual health at its pulse point, the study offers a strong voice against a crushing culture and enables girls to become the godly women that the Lord created them to be.   This is a valuable resource for every girls' ministry.  Well done, ladies!"  
~Diane Strack
 Author, Co-founder, Student Leadership University
"Manywomendon'tcomefromafamilyfoundationoffaith,orovertime,they'vebeenconvincedtheyhavenouse,nogifts,nocallingSalvaging My Identity isanopportunityforthisgenerationofgirlsandwomentoaddresstheliesandallowtheSaviortopickupthepieces. Theinsight,Biblicaltruthandoverallclarityof Salvaging willplayaroleinre-buildingabrokengeneration."
Teaching Pastor, Sevier Heights Baptist Church
"The enemy has released a full blown assault on our daughters with the lies that permeate our culture and rob them of their worth. Salvaging My Identity is the go-to resource in such a time as this. As mothers, ministry leaders, and mentors we must reach out, lead, and love this next generation with Christ-like compassion. This 40-day, highly interactive experience, is the perfect place to begin. Buy a copy today and do your part to radically restore the direction of a young girl's life."
~Tami Heim
President and CEO, Christian Leadership Alliance

"When culture speaks daily into the lives of women and girls, it leaves a profound and lasting impact. "Salvaging My Identity" meets these critical issues head on and takes girls & young women through a journey of restoration and biblical identity. You won't regret taking this 40-day journey."
~Matt Lawson

June 2023

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