Roses Are Red: Book 6 of Alex Cross (Hardcover) James Patterson
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Roses Are Red: Book 6 of Alex Cross (Hardcover) James Patterson

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The Mastermind orchestrates a series of bank robberies that are notable for their precise demandsand their explosive violence when the demands are not met exactly. Detective Alex Cross takes on the case and recognizes that a particular kind of criminal mind is at work. Crosss investigation gets under the Masterminds skin, and he makes it his personal goal to take revenge on Cross and his entire team. Amidst all this, Crosss relationship with his girlfriend Christine is falling apart, and his beloved daughter Jannie is hospitalized with unexplained seizures. The pressure rises on every front, culminating in a shocking and explosive climax. Roses are Red is a Main Selection of The Literary Guild. Pop Goes the Weasel has more than 900,000 copies in print and was a #1 bestseller nationwide. The fan base of the Alex Cross series continues to grow with each book. Along Came a Spider is scheduled for release in October from Paramount with Morgan Freeman signed on to portray Alex Cross as he did in Kiss the Girls.


March 2022