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Reluctant Reunion (hardcover) Jim Majure

Reluctant Reunion (hardcover) Jim Majure

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A reunion turns deadly when ten years of classmates from a small Mississippi Delta town are drawn together from all over the nation to a rustic lodge overlooking a gigantic lake.

The midnight drowning of Dr. Tyler Driscoll at a boating treasure hunt organized by his exwife, Mary Beth Driscoll, appears to be something other than an accident. When his new, young wife survives and swims to safety, she accuses Mary Beth of orchestrating the death.

The attempted murder of a U.S. Congresswoman from Arkansas is ultimately tied to the New Orleans Mafia and Dr. Driscoll. This attempt was due to her influence in routing a newly proposed interstate highway through Arkansas-away from Mississippi and Louisiana, thus diverting billions from the Mafia's holdings already in place in these two states.

Adam Walton, an Oregon timber executive, whose own wife was murdered by an unknown assailant, returns for the reunion. He and Mary Beth reignite the romance held dormant for more than eighteen years as he begins to pursue the mysterious past of Dr. Driscoll.

Startling waves from the heart of the Louisiana bayou and Mississippi take on tidal proportions as they roll toward the nation's capitol in an increasingly national investigation.


February 2022

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