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Rahab and other Miracles (Hardback) Jimmy Swaggart

Rahab and other Miracles (Hardback) Jimmy Swaggart

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Rahab, a harlot doomed to die without God and without hope, had heard of the great miracles performed by Jehovah, and they ignited in her a spark of faith.  But how did this woman, who had given her life to licentiousness, find grace in the sight of God?  This revelatory book by Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart shares the powerful story of how God saved Rahab and her family, turned her harlotry into holiness, and lifted her life into the lineage of the Lord Jesus Christ.  In this beautiful testimony of faith, readers will gain a true understanding of how God responds to anyone who dares to believe Him - with miracle after miracle after miracle. 



December 2023

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