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Quiet Times for Couples (hardcover) H. Norman Wright

Quiet Times for Couples (hardcover) H. Norman Wright

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Cherish Every Moment Spent Together in God’s Word

Intentionality is the key that opens the door to lifelong intimacy with your spouse. When you set aside time to listen to your partner’s deepest thoughts, feelings, and dreams, you create memories together that become part of the tapestry of your relationship.

From author and counselor Norm Wright, 
Quiet Times for Couples (more than 625,000 copies sold) is designed to help you stay attuned to your spouse’s heart as the two of you pursue God together. This yearlong, Christ-centered daily devotional makes room for meaningful conversations about your strengths, your struggles, and your entwined futures.

Spending just a few minutes together each day seeking God’s truth will expand your faith and fortify the foundation of your relationship. 
Quiet Times for Couples will help your love remain in bloom while keeping your focus on the Lord, continually turning to Him for the courage, strength, and power you need to follow His good plans for your marriage.



May 2022

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