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Psalm 23: The Song of a Passionate Heart (paperback) David Roper

Psalm 23: The Song of a Passionate Heart (paperback) David Roper

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Nobody likes being called stupid. Being considered a follower isn't much better. 

Yet those two words, aptly describe us. Jesus called His followers "sheep," and sheep are not known for their intelligence. And the only time they're in the lead is when they're pursued by a predator. 

The sight of sheep grazing peacefully on a grassy hillside brings a sense of well-being to even the most troubled heart. It may be the symbolism the image carries: helpless, defenseless, creatures able to munch contentedly under the pastoral protection of someone they have learned to trust. That's why Psalm 23 is one of the best-loved portions of Scripture. 

As restless and helpless sheep, we yearn for true contentment and satisfaction. But we can only find it as we learn to rest under the watchful eye of our loving, trustworthy, heavenly Shepherd. 

September 2023

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