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Presence Powered Living (Paperback) Frank Decenso

Presence Powered Living (Paperback) Frank Decenso

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Jesus' intimate friendship with the Father and the power He received from the Holy Spirit enabled Him to reach people with an immense variety of needs, in an incredible number of ways. Without utilizing any magical methods passed down by previous prophets or miracle workers, Jesus ministered healing and deliverance to multitudes. He did it by simply living in continuous, loving communion with His Father - a God Who loved mankind and wanted to touch men and women, boys and girls, in whatever way their individual needs demanded.

Jesus also revealed through His life and the ministry He shared with His disciples that the Father desires all followers of His to pursue an intimate, relational partnership with God, their Abba Father, resulting in this world being powerfully and radically reached with the Good News of God's kingdom.

Presence Powered Living shows us how to pursue intimacy and partnership with God so we all can make a maximum impact for His kingdom in today's culturally diverse world.

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