Power from God (Paperback) Charles Finney
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Power from God (Paperback) Charles Finney

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A Fresh Anointing
His words flew into the souls of men. Like a hammer, they broke down strongholds. Multitudes experienced this power. Often, just a look or a single sentence would bring conviction and result in an almost immediate conversion to Christ.
This was the life and ministry of Charles Finney, the life of a Christian filled with power from on high.
God’s power enables us to move past our own insecurities and weaknesses and accomplish great thing in the kingdom of God.
With this outpouring, Christians of all ages and circumstances have found...
  • The power to enthusiastically proclaim the Gospel
  • The gift of understanding God’s truths
  • The ability to teach God’s Word
  • The strength to obey Christ, no matter what
  • The power of a holy life
God promises to pour out His Spirit and power on us. Open your heart to God and receive a fresh anointing that will transform your life, your community, and the world. Walk in the power of God!