Pilates: Complete Pilates Mat Workout (DVD)
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Pilates: Complete Pilates Mat Workout (DVD)

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Get three complete mat workouts in one DVD: a basic workout, an intermediate workout, and an advanced workout. Once you master the basic workout, progress to the intermediate level and finally to the advanced level as your core becomes stronger and your body more flexible. These routines may be performed daily, but working out at least three times a week will improve strength, flexibility, flatten and strengthen abs, and improve posture so you move with balance and grace. These workouts were developed and choreographed by two of Pilates elite instructors, Pilates expert Marjolein Brugman and Pilates Master Teacher Romana Kryzanowska. Brugman and Kryzanowska lead you through each workout demonstrating the proper form that is essential to get results and prevent injury.

  • 87 minute DVD, each workout is approximately 20 minutes
  • Improves posture so you move with more balance & grace
  • Improve strength and flexibility
  • Relieve tension and stress for a feeling of mind/body centeredness
  • Flattens and strengthens abdominals

February 2022