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Perfect Justice : Ben Kincaid, Book 4 of 19 (Hardcover) William Bernhardt

Perfect Justice : Ben Kincaid, Book 4 of 19 (Hardcover) William Bernhardt

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Ben Kincaid, Book 4 of 19

From William Bernhardt, bestselling author of PRIMARY JUSTICE, BLIND JUSTICE, and DEADLY JUSTICE.

While attorney Ben Kincaid is vacationing in the Ouachita Mountains, he becomes embroiled in the brutal murder by crossbow of a young Vietnamese immigrant. Though revolted by the killing, Ben agrees to represent the accused--a remorseless youth and active member of the Anglo SaxonPatrol (ASP). Soon Ben begins to believe in the young man's innocence, yet before the trial, the client suddenly decides to pleade guilty. As members of the Vietnamese community fight fire with fire, Ben frantically searches for the truth. When he infiltrates an isolated ASP camp in thewoods, he discovers that what appears to be just another monstrous hate crime could be something else entirely.

PERFECT JUSTICE is a whirlwind novel of suspense that addresses some of the most controversial issues of our time. William Bernhardt paints a riveting portrait of a town torn apart by xenophobia, racism and violence. With mounting suspense, his anatomy of an incendiary courtroom trial culminates in serpentine twists and sizzling revelations.

"I fought the real courtroom battle for the Vietnamese fisherman against the Texas Klan and I was stunned how real-to-life William Bernhardt's PERFECT JUSTICE is--a gripping courtroom thriller you can't put down."

June 2023

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