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Parvana's Journey (Breadwinner Book 2 of 5) (paperback) Deborah Ellis

Parvana's Journey (Breadwinner Book 2 of 5) (paperback) Deborah Ellis

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Book 2 of 5

Parvana entered the little settlement, stepping carefully through the rubble. She peered into what was left of the one-room mud houses. Mattresses, rugs, cook-pans and tea cups were scattered everywhere. 

Parvana recognized the run-for-your-life look. She had seen her own houses look like this as her family grabbed a few possessions and ran out just ahead of the bombs. She wondered where the people from these houses had gone...

A thin wail drifted on the breeze. It sounded like a kitten. Parvana followed the sound. 

The cry came from the last house. Parvana stood at the doorway. Part of the ceiling had fallen in, and she looked over the rubble for the source of the sound. 

Then she saw it. It wasn't a kitten. 

In a corner of the room was a baby, lying on its back...

At times extremely sad, Parvana's Journey provides an honest and compassionate look at the situation in Afghanistan, yet never loses sight of the courage and hope that can keep children afloat even in the most horrific circumstances. For mature children. 

October 2023

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