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Overload (Hardcover) Arthur Hailey

Overload (Hardcover) Arthur Hailey

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In the middle of a sweltering July heat wave that has no end in sight, California’s Golden State Power and Light is on overload. An emergency brownout is already in effect. Then, GSP&L’s newest and largest generator explodes. With four people dead and a widespread loss of power, a fringe group takes responsibility. But for GSP&L vice president Nim Goldman and his family; his adversary, investigative reporter Nancy Molineaux; detective Harry London; and beautiful quadriplegic Karen Sloan, whose every breath depends on electric power, the terror is just beginning . . .

A dramatic and timely story of the people and the events leading to a crisis, 
Overload presents a fascinating view of the little-known world of electric power production that is vital to contemporary life.


September 2022

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