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Outward Blonde (paperback) Trish Cook

Outward Blonde (paperback) Trish Cook

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Teen socialite Lizzi Finlestein has all the qualitites of a train wreck in the making. With a physically absent father, and emotionally absent mother, and an addiction to shopping and hard partying she can't seem to shake, Lizzie is on a certain path to destruction. Rock bottom finally comes when one of her public drunken esca[ades gets caught on camera and shared with gossip sites.

Lizzie's parents decide it's time for a change of scenery. THey have her whisked away from her Manhattan penthouse apartnment in the middle of the night and dropped at Camp Smiley, a gritty wilderness survival program for troubled teens deep in the Rocky Mountains.Surrounded by a motley crew of campers all facing their own demons, she's convinced she has nothing in common with these misfits.

Lizzie must learn to survive in the hars conditions of the out doors, including how to dig her own toilet and build a fire by rubbing two sticks together. She only has two options: get with the program or get out of there.



December 2022

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