Outflow (Paperback) Steve Sjogren, Dave Ping
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Outflow (Paperback) Steve Sjogren, Dave Ping

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Here is your field guide to not reaching, but letting God's love fill you with joy that flows from you to your family, friends, neighbors, . . . world.

Written for everyday people, this book inspires readers to lead joyful, outward-focused lives, powerfully connected with family and friends...and in those connections, to naturally share God's love. It's a simple, organic strategy -- and Biblical.

Outflow inspires a vision for living an outward focused life and provides practical tools to make that vision a reality with:

  • A clear image (an overflowing fountain) that cements in the mind the five-step process by which readers can move from an inward to an outward focus
  • 25 readings that support a five-week Outflow focus, and
  • Labs - practical activities readers can do to live an outward focus with their family, community, friends, and the world at large