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Once Lost (paperback) Cassandra Parker

Once Lost (paperback) Cassandra Parker

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For years, Tylani Arcadian had lived in a world of her own since that fateful day her heart had turned to stone. Her days were spent tending to the wounded animals that came to her forest looking for a healing touch. All memories from her past were gone or hidden well and she took shelter within herself as well as in her forest¿s wilderness. A beautiful morning. A single scream. Her world is disturbed and her life is turned upside down by an unexpected visitor from her past. She is thrown into a journey she has waited for and dreamed about all her lonely life. Tylani and her childhood friend, Kayden, began to find their friendship once again and discover their pasts together. The bad memories tear her down and break her heart but the good ones slowly mend her after years of pain. Tylani and Kayden fight enemies that have haunted her dreams and along the way find a few lost soldiers who, over 10 years before, had been the central building blocks of her life. They help along the way and Kane, the forest boy from her mother¿s kingdom, joins the fight to release her from her bondage and her nightmares. In the end she must fight to find the one thing she has yearned for since the day she was abandoned by her kingdom.



May 2022

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