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New Mexico Sunset (Paperback) Tracie Peterson

New Mexico Sunset (Paperback) Tracie Peterson

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The saga of the Lucas, Monroe, and Dawson families, introduced in New Mexico Sunrise, echoes across the vast open landscape of a state in its infancy. Now the next generation must take up the pioneer spirit of their parents and lay claim to their place in a changing world. Pamela Charbonneau thought The Heart's Calling was leading her back to Colorado - and her forbidden love - but it takes a sudden turn when she forges a friendship with Jim Williams. Can she find her destiny along the barren westward trail? Feeling stifled by her overprotective father, Daughtry Lucas answers an advertisement and becomes Mrs. Nicholas Dawson in a marriage by proxy. Will this marriage between strangers succeed, or will Forever Yours remain a distant dream because of Nick's dark past? Angelique Monroe can't resist a worthy cause, and this time Angel's Cause is the women's suffrage movement. But her lifelong friend, Gavin Lucas, doesn't trust her new political acquaintances. Who will Angel rely on when her life is on the line? Joelle Dawson and John Monroe pledged their love and promised to marry in Come Away My Love, but the cruelties of life have victimized them both. Can they find healing together, or are their hearts broken beyond repair? You'll be captivated by this collection of four complete novels by award-winning author Tracie Peterson. The tales of inspiring love in New Mexico Sunset are stories you'll treasure for years to come.


December 2021

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