Natural Brilliance (Paperback) Paul R Scheele

Natural Brilliance (Paperback) Paul R Scheele

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Are you living with the model of failure instead of the model of success?

You have profound inner resources available to you, but unless you gain access to them, they will remain locked away as great potential. Paul R. Scheele shares his step-by-step formula for finding your inner genius, releasing it, and using it to overcome blocks and challenges to accomplish the success you desire in every area of your life.

A leader in the fields of learning, leadership, and transformational change, Paul’s decades of exploration and discoveries about the human capacity for brilliance have been distilled into the Natural Brilliance model, which illustrates the natural process we engage in when we learn effectively.

Here is the paradox we face. On the one hand, we possess amazing gifts as human beings. We are learning organisms, born into the world equipped to find answers to problems. The human brain, mind, body, and emotions are destined to make us perfect learners, providing us with all we need for success in life.

On the other hand, even with all our enormous capacities, many of us daily face the reality of not being able to accomplish important goals we have set for ourselves. So we are holding apparently contradictory realities. Natural Brilliance explains why the contradiction exists and instantly bridges the gap between potential and accomplishment.

This 4-step model for lifelong learning is unlike any single technique you may have used. It is a process for consistently breaking through to success in areas of your life where you are stuck. Like a riddle or a puzzle, the answer has been in your hands the whole time. Once you discover the answer, you may wonder how you could have missed it.

In this book you will learn how to release your genius—your Natural Brilliance—and see how…

•Life becomes smoother and more fulfilling.
•Proverbial mountains shrink to molehills.
•Relationships become more meaningful and pleasurable.
•Stress drains from your life.
•Goals soar to achievement.

In the book you also gain access to two audio sessions from Paul’s Natural Brilliance personal learning course. The first reviews the 4-step Natural Brilliance model and illustrates exactly what it means to relax and “release” what’s holding you back so you can quickly change states and overcome obstacles to your goals. The second session is the Release Paraliminal, a unique technology that helps you relax into an accelerated learning state where you have access to greater resources of your genius mind. As you let go of tension, stress, and distractions, you expand your inner awareness to the choices and possibilities available to you.