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Murder at the FBI (Hardback) Margaret Truman

Murder at the FBI (Hardback) Margaret Truman

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Book 6 of 31: Capital Crimes

If there’s one organization you don’t want to mess with, it’s the FBI. But agents Ross Lizenby and Christine Saksis are about to rush headlong into a showdown with their own employer . . .
Special Agent George L. Pritchard was murdered on the FBI’s own shooting range, his body found hanging behind a target during a public tour of the facility. Because of the embarrassment, the FBI had to launch an investigation—but when Lizenby and Saksis are brought in on the case, they begin to suspect that the agency’s heart is not really in it. Now they must navigate the roadblocks that keep getting thrown in their way, and determine whether their ultimate loyalty is to the agency, or to the truth . . .

March 2023

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