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Moviola (Hardcover) Garson Kanin

Moviola (Hardcover) Garson Kanin

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Moviola is a novel of film history – a fictional narrative connecting true stories of movie lore. Ben Farber, age 92, reminisces as he reluctantly considers an offer to sell his studio to a New York-based conglomerate.

During negotiations, Farber recalls the impact Hollywood made on his life and, in turn, his influence on Hollywood. Entwining tales of his early experiences in moviemaking with the story of his life Farber reveals a rich history of the film industry including the silent era, the casting of Scarlett O’Hara and the discovery of Marilyn Monroe.

Garson Kanin acknowledged that Farber is a composite of the predominant studio executives from the inception of the movie business through its golden era, making it possible to maximize inclusion of historical fact within the framework of a novel. Moviola was adapted into a three-part mini-series broadcast on NBC in 1980.


September 2022

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