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More Faith in My Day (Paperback) Emilie Barnes

More Faith in My Day (Paperback) Emilie Barnes

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A woman's life can be driven by a list of things to give, do, accomplish, and share. Now bestselling author Emilie Barnes invites women to take a moment away from these demands to rejuvenate with wisdom from Proverbs.

Emilie's friendly and inspirational writings present Scripture's insights to the hearts of women.

  • Devotions inspired by Proverbs' teachings of goodness, love, work, family
  • "Today's Wisdom" to enrich personal faith life
  • Ideas to turn God's abundant knowledge into action
  • Prayers for moments of meditation and connection

This illumination for everyday living--from trials to triumphs--is a great gift for women facing milestones, new ventures, or personal celebrations, or who long to hold close God's truth for their journeys.

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